relief driver

Friendship pays.

    Congratulations! Now that you have your own car, why not make full use of it? Weekends, vacations, evenings – don’t leave your car empty. Invite your friends to be your relief drivers and earn more!
Why should I have relief drivers?
  • Fully Utilise your Car: Have your car occupied all day, all night – let your wheels run even when you’re not.
  • Share Costs: Sharing a car with your friend also means sharing your rental and petrol costs! Pay only your hours online.
  • Be a Better Friend: Give your friend economic opportunities by having him/her be an Uber driver with your car! That way, you both can earn.
LCR Relief Driver Promotion
  • Earn $100 when your relief driver* completes his first Uber trip
  • Earn another $100 when your relief driver completes his 10th trip, he will also receive $100 himself
  • You can add up to 5 relief drivers to earn yourself $1,000 in total!

*Must be a New Uber Driver to earn the $200 incentive

How to add a relief driver?

Avoid the Q to get your relief driver on board!

What is an additional driver?

Everything you need to know about being an additional driver

  • They do not drive on Uber.
  • They are not eligible for the $200 cashback.
  • They are covered by LCR’s insurance.

If you don’t wish to drive for Uber fill in the online Additional driver application form.

T & C


  • If you submit your application before 13:00 on a working day, it will be processed on that day itself.
  • Applications received after 13:00 will be processed on the next working day by 15:00.
  • For further information please read and refer to the form before submitting.


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