relief driver

Friendship pays.

    Congratulations! Now that you have your own car, why not make full use of it? Weekends, vacations, evenings – don’t leave your car empty. Invite your friends to be your relief drivers and earn more!
Why should I have relief drivers?
  • Fully Utilise your Car: Have your car occupied all day, all night – let your wheels run even when you’re not.
  • Share Costs: Sharing a car with your friend also means sharing your rental and petrol costs! Pay only your hours online.
  • Be a Better Friend: Give your friend economic opportunities by having him/her be an Uber driver with your car! That way, you both can earn.
LCR Relief Driver Promotion
  • Earn $200 when you add a friend for free as a relief driver under your rental contract.*
  • $100 will be credited upon registration, and another $100 when your friend makes his/her first trip.
  • Earn up to $1,000 by adding 5 relief drivers!

*Must be a New Uber Driver to earn the $200 incentive

How to add a relief driver?

Avoid the Q to get your relief driver on board!

Fill in the online relief driver application form and get approval within 5 working hours.

  1. Alternatively, visit LCR with your relief drivers, their NRICs and driving licenses.
  2. After which, complete 2 forms: a relief driver form (signed by you and relief driver) and affirmative declaration form.
  3. If all paperwork is in order, the relief driver’s account will be activated immediately!

What is an additional driver?

Everything you need to know about being an additional driver

  • They do not drive on Uber.
  • They are not eligible for the $200 cashback.
  • They are covered by LCR’s insurance.

    If you don’t wish to drive for Uber fill in the online Additional driver application form.

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