Return Vehicle

Concerned about the PDVL and your LCR rental? Don't worry! Sign up for Uber's FastLane and complete your medical check-up (free!) by 30 June 2017. You'll be allowed to return your vehicle with no penalty if you're unable to meet the PDVL application requirements.


IMPORTANT: We will only accept your vehicles at your respective return locations, on the stated date. An SMS will be sent to you with further details on your return location. For location details:

Please note:
– All car returns are accepted from 2pm – 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.
– A mandatory 7-day notice period needs to be served on top of your minimum rental period. Kindly check your expected return date or your return may be rejected.
– Only the main hirer will be able to return the car and discharge the contract.
– If you have an outstanding balance with LCR, you will not be able be ported to a new Uber partner until the following Monday.
– We have the right to reject your returns should you be deemed to not have fulfilled your minimum contract period.

To ensure that we continue to provide the best service for your Uber needs, we appreciate it if you can help us with a few questions.

Please note that Date of Return entered below must be at least 7 days from the submission date (as per Rental Agreement), Mondays to Fridays, between 2pm and 5pm. If there are any changes to the return date, please resubmit this form and apply for a new Date of Return.