Save With LCR

Save With LCR2019-04-29T10:05:14+00:00

With a daily $20 rental rebate, you can now save up to $3,640 with a new 6 month contract!

Coupled with an additional $750 worth of bonuses and LCR Cares4U benefits, you’ll be having more for what you truly need.

New 6 month contract sign ups only.*
Promotion available at all LCR locations, for petrol and hybrid models.



Terms & Conditions*

  • 1st come 1st serve basis
  • 1 signup per hirer only
  • Sign up at all locations
  • Valid to hirers who have returned before November 2018
  • No referral benefits
  • Must check out within 7 days of deposit date, otherwise deposit will be refunded
  • Hirer must register on Grab with LCR’s rental vehicle within 3 days of vehicle collection, to be eligible for the sign up and completion bonus
  • LCR will not be responsible for the loss of any benefits due to banned grab account