Exclusive Benefits Just For You

Dear Hirer partners,

We are partnering with CHOPE, one of Singapore’s largest online F&B ordering platform to roll out more jobs for you!

This program is an EXCLUSIVE perk for LCR Hirer-Partners only.

All delivery fees will be fixed at $12/trip for weekdays and $16/trips for weekends.

There will be no commission fee involved, so all delivery fees go straight to you!

Delivery fee payments will be consolidated and transferred to you by our partner CHOPE directly.
Should you encounter any missing payments do join our WhatsApp group and chat with the CHOPE administrators for assistance.

Ready to sign up?

Click on the link below and follow the guide for your phone operating system to find out more about how our partner mobile application work!

For IOS & Android user
Click here

Terms and Conditions

  • LCR reserve the right to remove hirer from this program
  • LCR reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the program without prior notice