Refer your friends to LCR and earn more!

You Refer A New Driver

Referring one person earns you …


The hirer you refer also earns …

$500 OR $2,000

He earns $500 after completing his 1st trip with Uber.

If your friend signs a 6-month contract, the invitee will get an additional cashback totaling $1,500 in the last 4 weeks (weekly cashback of $375) of his rental contract. In total, the invitee earns $2,000 ($500+$1,500)!

Together, you can earn at least $1,000!

You Refer An Existing Driver

Referring One Person Earns You…


You earn $250 when he completes his 1st trip in an LCR car.

The Hirer You Refer Also Earns…


He earns $250 when he completes his 1st trip in an LCR car.

How To Refer
  1. Refer Someone to Uber

    Go to for detailed instructions.

  2. Refer Someone to Lion City Rentals

    When the person you refer makes the $500 deposit either online or in-person, he will be asked if he was referred by anyone. He must provide your full name, phone number and email address to ensure that both of you enjoy the referral incentives.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Referral incentives will be credited to the referrer after the car has been collected by the hirer, and after his/her 1st trip.
  • Only available for new LCR driver-partners.
  • Limited to driver-partners who put down a deposit until 24 Jan 2017.
  • Payment will be done on the following week of Uber’s payment, and will be reflected in the Uber statement.