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Accidents & Insurance2024-01-26T15:07:06+08:00

What happens if I get into an accident in Singapore or Malaysia?

Stay calm and check for injuries. If there are any serious injuries, call 999 (police) and 995 (ambulance) immediately. If possible, move the cars to a safe place away from road traffic. Turn on your car’s hazard lights and use cones or warning triangles for safety. Take down the particulars of the drivers and car plate numbers of all vehicles at the scene. Take clear photos of the accident scene, surroundings and damages to the vehicles.

Please call our Lion City Rentals hotline at 6252 5525 for assistance. Services provided will be as follows:-

Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 4.30pm

Any accident that happens on weekend and public holiday is to be reported immediately on the next working day.

Please capture and provide accident scene photos ( if available )

Retrieval of in-car camera footages immediately to prevent overwritten issues
Activation of Towing (if needed)

If the accident happened in Malaysia, a police report has to be made in Malaysia. Once done, bring down that report and lodge another police report with SPF. Both reports are needed to be brought along for the accident reporting in LCR. If towing is required, please call the 24hrs towing number 62525525 and we will arrange the towing from Malaysia. Please refrain from engaging anyone else for towing as it may compromise the security of the car. Please note that an admin fee of $200 is payable for all accidents involving Malaysian/ foreign vehicle. Excess(es) will be doubled if the accident happened outside of Singapore.

For third party or own damage claims, please see FAQ below.

I got into an accident in Malaysia, what should I do?2019-12-17T08:50:22+08:00
  1. Take accident scene photos of all vehicles involved with their vehicle plates, exchange details of IC & driving licence
  2. Take photos of Certificate of Insurance & Road Tax of all Malaysia vehicles involved. Ensure vehicle plates stated in the road tax tally with the Malaysian vehicles
  3. Proceed to the nearest Malaysia Police station to file a Police Report. If possible, try to get a copy of the other party’s police report.
  4. Please contact your Authorized Reporting Centre (workshop) or LCR hotline: 6252 5525 for assistance.
  5. Important: Do not agree to let an unauthorized tow-truck assist you in bringing your car back to their workshop as this could have severe implications on your insurance claims. Charges imposed by these unauthorised workshops will be billed to you accordingly.
  6. Please note that you are liable for the towing charges from Malaysia to Singapore Immigration and the compulsory Malaysia Levy surcharge payable.
How do I make a third-party claim?2019-12-17T04:21:14+08:00

Simply lodge the accident report to the ARC within 24 hours or the next working day. If there are any injuries to any parties, you are required to lodge a police report as well.

How do I make my own claims2024-01-26T21:16:40+08:00

For Minor Damages

  • For minor damages, LCR will quote you the repair costs and proceed immediately with repair works. You only need to pay LCR once the repairs are done and you’ve collected your car.

However, if your damages are very minor, you are advised to settle them as cash repairs so you can save on downtime and can start driving again in just a few days.

For Extensive Damages

  • Submit an “Own Damage” claim as the repair costs will be high. In this instance, you will be liable for the Vehicle Damage fee of up to $3,270 (inclusive of 9% GST).
  • In the event of a third party claim by the other party, you would also need to bear the insurance excess of $3,270 (inclusive of 9% GST).


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