Rental costs are paid with your Uber earnings. In the event that your earnings are not enough to cover rental costs, you will incur arrears. You can pay these via:


1) Select Lion City Rentals from the “01. General” section.
2) Select “Arrears Payment”.
3) Enter your name, contact number, car plate number and arrears amount.
4) Click Continue and proceed to pay using your bank card.


1) Log in to your DBS iBanking account.
2) Go to Pay -> Pay Bills.
3) You will see a box on the right called “More Options”. Click on the first option called “Add a Billing Organisation”.
4) Under the field called “Billing Organisation” start typing “Lion City Rentals” and you will see the company name appear in the dropdown. Click on it.
5) Enter the “Bill Reference” in this format: (Phone#)(Car Plate#). e.g. 91234567SAB1234C
6) Click on the [Next] button and you will be asked to review the details before submitting.
7) Click on [Submit] and you will be notified that you have successfully added us as a billing organisation.
8) Go back to Pay -> Pay Bills, look under “Select Pre-arranged Billing Organisation” and you will see Lion City Rentals.
9) Click on the checkbox, enter the amount owed and click [Next].
10) You will be asked to review the details, click on [Submit] when you are done.