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Our packages start from under $49 nett daily. No Malaysia surcharge. Ever!

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We’re not just
another car rental


Once closely associated with Uber as their wholly owned rental subsidiary, LCR has since been fully acquired in 2019 by WayDrive Holdings, a local joint venture between Motorway Group, one of Singapore’s auto industry heavyweights and investment vehicle, Toh Motors.
Being the largest rental car fleet company in Singapore, the New LCR strives to provide new and existing customers with strategic partnerships with major ride hailing platforms, new private hire driver benefits and improved service standards together with the widest range of cars available in the market.


Backed with resources and industry know-how, the New Lion City Rentals is set for a massive restructure from the ground up. With the first flagship facility at Carros Centre, customers can now look forward to a true one-stop-shop for every aspect of their car rental needs. Consolidated for better customer experience and improved efficiency, the New LCR now includes full service vehicle maintenance facilities, as well as improved standards and increased capabilities across all customer touchpoints.


At New LCR, we know private hire better than anyone else. After all, we were formerly Uber’s rental arm. Whether you are a new driver that is just starting out, or a professional full-time driver, we recognise your needs are vastly different. Come visit us in our cosy lounge while our friendly consultants discuss the various options to get you started on your PHV journey.


With our LCR owned and managed car maintenance & repair facility at Carros, we take servicing your vehicle very seriously. The more we take care of your car, the more your car will take care of you.


From the folks that first brought in hundreds of brand new Mazda 3 to the private hire market for Singapore since 2015, we have one of the largest fleet with over 16 popular car models. All Z10 / Z11 ready, and under 3 years old. You’ll be spoilt for choice with LCR cars.


We know the sooner you get your car, the earlier you start earning. Now you can get all necessary paperwork done in just one single trip. Book your LCR car online now, and drive-away as early as within 24 hours. Because we understand for PHV drivers, time is indeed money!

Our rental contracts are available for 1-week, 5-weeks, 13-weeks, 26-weeks, 52-weeks. Same flexible lease when it’s time to extend.

$500 deposit for late model (2016-2017) cars, or $1,000 deposit for a brand new LCR car. Refundable upon lease completion.

Now you can take off without worrying about daily rental costs with our ‘LCR Cares’ loyalty programme. Enjoy up to 18 days rental free and/or medical leave too. Other benefits and perks available when you are LCR family.

Our rentals start from $49 a day with all servicing & maintenance, road-tax and insurance all inclusive.

Check out our most popular 1w, 13w or 26/52w rental packages

Experience the LCR difference today! Here are what some hirers say about new LCR.

“Best rental service out there! Staff are really patient and willing to answer specific queries.
Along with the cheap promotions, their service gives me a +1 for this great company.
Definitely recommended for people out there.” – Da Sheng Wong

“Call centre was efficient and friendly! Good service overall!” – Elizabeth Chua

I am supposed to have the servicing done at 1.00 pm, however, I was around this area,
I came in around 11.10 am, they manage to slot in for me, the counter staff is courteous and helpful,
the servicing takes about 2 hours, good job guys..keep it up !!! 
👍👍👍💪💪💪– Lim Capnil

Talk to us and we can help you to find the package that suits you best!
Rent from us and enjoy our LCR Cares programme and in-house service & maintenance.

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