Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your answers here, for new and existing hirers.

Frequently Asked Questions2020-02-07T10:22:18+08:00

New to LCR

What is the difference if I book online or walk in?2019-12-09T03:32:40+08:00

You may book online if you know the car model and lease period that you would like to rent. It takes only less than 10 mins to book the rental car of your choice online, and make only one trip to LCR on car collection day. If you need to speak to one of our friendly Account Managers, please walk-in. Unless you opt for same day checkout (do note limited cars available), most of our of walk-in customers typically will need to make two trips to LCR. Please view our Onboard @ LCR.

How do I know if the car model I book online is available?2020-01-24T11:22:50+08:00

Please view Our Fleet > Specific Car Model page.
If the car is available for online booking, you will see a “Rent Now | Details” option.
If the car is not available or out of stock, you will see a “Details” option only.

For car models with next day checkout, please look for the [+24H driveaway] icon.
Please call our hotline at 62525525 if you require assistance on this.

Will my deposit be refundable if i cancel my booking?2019-12-18T12:45:31+08:00

The $100/$500 online deposit is to secure the booking of your choice, and is non-refundable should you cancel.

Can I choose colour of the car or car plate number?2019-12-10T01:18:27+08:00

Please kindly highlight your colour exclusion (if any) when you book, or inform our Account Manager during the call to confirm your car collection appointment. We shall endeavour to give you a car colour or plate number (based on your exclusion preference) on a best effort basis without charge. If you require a specific car colour, or plate number, we will be happy to assist. However, an additional $100 processing charge shall apply.

Can I smoke in the car?2019-12-10T01:19:31+08:00

All our cars are smoke-free, and we kindly request that you do not smoke in our car. According to the Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act, all driver-partners are prohibited from smoking in Private Hire Vehicles from 1st Oct 2017. In addition, some passengers may not like the lingering smoky smell in the car. Do also be advised that any damage caused to the upholstery and/or cleaning fee required shall be chargeable upon car return.

What are the requirements to rent from LCR?2020-01-09T17:34:18+08:00

Hirers should be:

For Personal Use:

  • At least 20 years old with 2 years driving experience, and
  • Either Singapore Citizen/PR, or Foreigner with relevant residency status
  • Possess valid driver’s license with less than 16 demerit points.

For Private Hire:

  • Valid PDVL/TDVL, and
  • Possess valid driver’s license with less than 16 demerit points.
Do I need to register with any ride-hailing platform to rent from LCR?2020-01-02T18:29:44+08:00

Should you wish to earn as you drive, you can register with the various ride-sharing platforms. We are an official Grab fleet partner and can assist you to onboard Grab either at LCR Carros or Citygate.

Can my LCR car be used to drive for any ride-hailing platform?2020-01-02T18:26:38+08:00

Yes, you may drive LCR cars for any ride-sharing platform. We are an official Grab fleet partner and can assist you to onboard Grab either at LCR Carros or Citygate


Can my LCR Car be used for Grab Car Plus?2020-01-09T19:07:18+08:00

Yes, over 10+ LCR car models are eligible for Grab Car Plus where drivers earn 20% more plus other perks.

Please view the various Grab Car Plus models or Grab Car 6 models.

You may opt-in or learn more about Grab Car Plus here.

Can LCR assist to create and activate my Grab driver app account?2020-01-02T18:07:33+08:00

Yes. We are an official Grab fleet partner and can assist you to onboard Grab either at LCR Carros or Citygate.

I have some issues/query with Grab fares, can you help?2019-12-09T03:45:09+08:00

Please kindly visit Grab Driver page here.

What is CDW?2019-12-10T01:23:53+08:00

CDW refers to Collision Damage Waiver that is optional and will reduce your insurance excess in the event of an accident. For more information, please visit our CDW page here.

Can I buy CDW after I started driving to lower my excess?2020-01-02T18:24:37+08:00

Yes, you may choose to opt-in our CDW after you have started driving and/or your lease with us. However, do note that your CDW cover may take a few days to activate, and will remain in force for the entire duration of your lease. For more information, please visit our CDW page here.

Can I drive my LCR car into Malaysia?2019-12-18T12:49:14+08:00

Yes. You may drive into Johor, Malaysia. However, do note that your LCR car is covered up to Batu Pahat only as per your lease agreement.

Can I add a relief driver?2020-07-09T17:20:54+08:00

Yes. You may add any additional relief driver here. It’s a great way to reduce the rental on your car.
An additional excess of $2,500 for young drivers (Age 20 – 23) is required.

How many set of keys will i get?2019-12-09T03:47:02+08:00

You will receive one set of keys.

How much do I need to pay to drive-away?2019-12-13T07:14:47+08:00

Deposit ($500 for pre-owned,  $1,000 for new car) + 1 week advance rental.

How much do I need to pay for commercial insurance and/or servicing?2019-12-13T07:15:44+08:00

When you lease a vehicle from LCR, all these costs are covered in your rental. Free servicing is provided to ensure your vehicle is performing at optimal levels. All wear-and-tear items as well as repairs (if any) are also covered. You only need to ensure that the vehicle is brought in for required service intervals. Do note that insurance excess still applies.

Can I pay by credit card?2019-12-18T12:51:08+08:00

Yes, we accept credit/debit card payment for online booking fee. For walk-in or car collection day, we accept only Nets or Cash payment.

How do I pay for rental?2019-12-13T07:15:01+08:00

It’s easy. The weekly rental cost can be paid via online banking, e-Nets or Credit/Debit card through AXS as per this list. Do note that rental is due every Wednesday for the preceding week’s statement which is generated every Monday.

Are there any other hidden charges?2019-12-09T03:47:36+08:00

No, all our rates are transparent and inclusive of GST.

I have other questions about my car / rental2019-12-09T03:47:56+08:00

Please email us at or call our hotline at 6252 5525 for assistance.

How soon can I collect the car after making a deposit?2020-01-24T11:23:30+08:00

You may be able to collect your car on the same day (for limited available car models) for walk-ins. If you book online or walk-in, you can collect your car as early as the next working day if you placed a deposit before 5PM. If you need a car or specific car model urgently, please call our hotline at 6252 5525 so we can advise you accordingly.

What about same-day-collection (SDC)?2019-12-10T01:32:49+08:00

Same day collection is only available for walk-ins. Please call us at 6252 5525 so we can advise you prior to making the trip down to one of our outlets to collect your car.

Where do I collect the car?2020-01-02T18:12:41+08:00

When you are matched to your preferred car, you will be notified of the car collection location. You can check out our various cars collection locations here.

What documents do I need to bring on car collection day?2019-12-09T03:56:54+08:00

You need to bring along the following documents:

  • NRIC
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Official Proof of Residential Address (PUB, Phone Bill etc)
  • Approval to Drive / PDVL / TDVL
  • Payment for balance deposit (if any) + 1 week advance rental
What if I am dissatisfied with the condition of the car upon collection?2019-12-09T03:57:46+08:00

If you are dissatisfied with the condition of your car upon collection, you should immediately notify our staff on-the-spot. We endeavour to prepare the car as well as possible prior to your collection. If this was not done to your satisfaction, please let us know and we will rectify the issues as quickly as possible on the spot or arrange for another pick-up date and/or car if required.

What if the car doesn’t meet my expectation after I start driving it?2019-12-10T01:34:10+08:00

Please notify us within 7 days so our technical staff can arrange for an inspection and make any necessary improvements for you. We will try to rectify the issues as quickly as possible so you can be on the road. If this is not possible, we shall arrange for another pick-up date and/or car if necessary.

Existing Hirers

My car camera is not working2019-12-09T03:58:37+08:00

Please come to one of our outlets and we will change your camera for you.

I have lost my car key2019-12-10T01:35:42+08:00

Please call our hotline at 6252 5525. We will attempt to dispatch our staff to your car to duplicate the key for you by the next working day. Do note that you shall be charged for all associated costs in relation to the car key replacement.

My vehicle has broken down (in Singapore or Malaysia)?2019-12-10T01:37:36+08:00

Please call our 24-hours hotline at 6252 5525 9299 4944 or 9651 8877. Our workshop, with 24-hour towing services, will handle this for you.

My tyre is punctured2019-12-09T03:59:24+08:00

Change to your spare tyre and have your original tyre patched up in a tyre shop. Have your original tyre back on your car as soon as possible; a spare tyre is only for interim and emergency use. Patching your spare tyre typically costs around $10-$15 in Singapore.

My car is under repair and I need a replacement car2019-12-10T01:40:47+08:00

Breakdown due to mechanical faults

If a replacement is not available and your car is in the workshop for longer then 3 days, you will be reimbursed for your rental fees accordingly.

Accident Repairs

A replacement car will be issued at no charge to you for all cases where liability is in your favour (i.e. you are not-at-fault whatsoever). For all other cases, a replacement car can be provided at the additional cost of $35 per day.

What should I do if I get into an accident (in Singapore or Malaysia)2019-12-18T12:54:30+08:00

Stay calm and check for injuries. If there are any serious injuries, call 999 (police) and 995 (ambulance) immediately. If possible, move the cars to a safe place away from road traffic. Turn on your car’s hazard lights and use cones or warning triangles for safety. Take down the particulars of the drivers and car plate numbers of all vehicles at the scene. Take clear photos of the accident scene, surroundings and damages to the vehicles. If a tow truck is required, please call our 24-hours towing hotline +65 9299 4944 or +65 9651 8877. Please report the accident within 24 hours.

If the accident happened in Malaysia, a police report has to be made in Malaysia. Once done, bring down that report and lodge another police report with SPF. Both reports are needed to be brought along for the accident reporting in LCR. If towing is required, please call the 24hrs towing number +65 9299 4944 or +65 9651 8877 and we will arrange the towing from Malaysia. Please refrain from engaging anyone else for towing as it may compromise the security of the car. Please note that an admin fee of $200 is payable for all accidents involving Malaysian/ foreign vehicle.

For third party or own damage claims, please see details here.


My windscreen is cracked2019-12-09T05:46:26+08:00

Please call our hotline at 6252 5525. A windscreen excess of $107, a decal replacement fee $20. There are no other servicing charges.

My IU is not working2019-12-09T05:50:26+08:00

Please try another cashcard. If that still doesn’t work, please send your car to Vicom and they will be able to advise if the IU is indeed spoilt and require replacement.

I have received an SMS to go for inspection, what should I do?2019-12-09T04:02:59+08:00

An SMS from LCR/VICOM will be sent to you when your car is due for vehicle inspection. Typically, the SMS will inform you to send the vehicle to VICOM for inspection as soon as possible and to register at the Automated Payment Machine there.

To ensure a smooth process at VICOM, the general points below should be observed when going for the vehicle inspection. Failure to comply with the inspection will result in repossession of your vehicle and you will be liable for the necessary charges.

  1. You may visit any of the VICOM centres for your inspection. No payment has to be made for the inspection as it will be paid for by LCR.
  2. You can view the VICOM centres’ locations and operating hours on their website.
  3. When you arrive at the VICOM centre, please inform the staff on duty that your vehicle is from LCR to avoid being mistaken as a normal walk-in customer and being charged with inspection fees.
  4. You are encouraged to e-pay (if required) at the Automated Payment Machine in the VICOM centre. Please refer to the step-by-step guide enclosed here.
  5. In cases whe