We heard your concerns and understood that Insurance excess can be heavy to bear.
If you are new to private hire and/or driving full-time, or sharing the car with additional hirers, you should consider CDW.

Our new Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) protection plan can help you drive with peace-of-mind. Knowing that no matter what, the costs of any accident can be reduced to the bare minimum covering you (as main hirer) and your authorised shared drivers.

Hirer-partners can choose to opt-into one of three CDW schemes, which can save up to 83% on accident excess and other applicable payments when you sign a new or renewed contract with Lion City Rentals! All these from just $3/day*!

NOTE: Hirers who have been in 1 accident or more will not be eligible for CDW protection.

Without CDW:


Insurance Excess + Vehicle Damage Fee Payable = $6,000*

With CDW3:


Insurance Excess + Vehicle Damage Fee Payable = $3,000*

With CDW5:


Insurance Excess + Vehicle Damage Fee Payable = $2,000*

With CDW7:


Insurance Excess + Vehicle Damage Fee Payable = $1,000*


Hirers must:

  • Have an active rental with Lion City Rentals
  • Make timely payment of Rental Charges
  • Make timely reporting of all accidents and any other incidents in accordance with the Rental Agreement

Terms & Conditions

  • CDW coverage will only be applicable for accidents reported within the mandatory timeframe as stated in the Rental Agreement.
  • If hirer has been in 1 accident or more, they will no longer be eligible for CDW protection.
  • Hirers are not allowed to opt-out of this program once they have chosen to opt-in.
  • This program will automatically terminate on the following day after the termination of the Rental Agreement with Lion City Rentals, i.e.: Charges will be made until the last day of the rental.
  • For hirers starting a new rental with Lion City Rentals, should you choose to opt-in before your rental begins, the start of the excess coverage will begin from the collection date of your vehicle.
  • This excess coverage will apply to the main hirer, and any of their authorized relief drivers registered with Lion City Rentals. Unauthorized drivers do not qualify for this program, and penalties will apply as agreed upon in the Rental Agreement.
  • Lion City Rentals reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part of this program and its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • Prices will be subject to the prevailing GST rate.