1. Incentives: For those who return their car because they didn’t meet PDVL requirements(Signed up for PDVL, but failed the PDVL Course), we will not claw back the incentives they have already been paid. No further incentives will be paid after the car is returned. Hirer will have to produce a proof(Letter or Email from LTA) that they failed the PDVL.
2. Notice period: Hirers will still have to give 1-week notice period before returning their cars.
3. Personal use: If a hirer doesn’t register for PDVL, he can still continue to drive the LCR car for personal use only after June 30. He need not return the car.
4. Minimum 2-year driving experience: Hirers with less than 2 years driving experience can return their car after June 1st (with 1 week notice period).
From today, we won’t accept deposits for hirers who have Those who have not collected their car by May 31st will be processed for a waitlist refund.
5. PR – Permanent Residence Existing LCR Hirers: PR existing LCR Hirers will need to get an employment cert from our Lion City Limo Fleet Partners.