Renting with Lion City Rentals comes with great deals – check back often for current promotions.



Wide selection of Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and more! Rent a car from LCR for personal use or driving with Uber.

– Save with 30% off petrol with the Uber Fuel Card.
– 3 days FREE rental after driving for 3 months. After that, enjoy 1 day FREE rental every month!
$0 deposit options available too!

No ACRA needed when you rent from LCR. We welcome all hirers aged 21 and above.

No minimum trips requirement with Uber when renting from LCR!

New Uber Driver-Partner Promotions


EXTENDED: Take advantage of our BIGGEST ever promotion and rent with LCR before 24th January 2017.

If nobody is referring you

Check out our different promotions depending on which contract you decide to take:

Contract length: 1 month
Promotion: Get $500 cashback!
Details: $250 paid out on your 5th and 6th week.

Contract length: 6 months
Promotions: Get a rental-free month.
Details: On week 23-26 of your rental period, you will receive $2,000 cashback in total.

e.g. Drive away with a brand new Mitsubishi Attrage for only $55 / day with a 1-month contract

If somebody is referring you

Contract length: 1 month
Promotion: You get $500, your referrer gets $500.
Details: Eligible once you complete your 1st trip.

Contract length: 6 months
Promotions: You get $2,000, your referrer gets $500.
Details: $500 upon 1st trip. On weeks 23-26 of your rental period, you will receive $375 cashback weekly (total $2,000).

*SMOVE / relief drivers converting to LCR will not be eligible for referral promotions.

If you are a new Uber driver, you and your referrer each receive $500 after you complete a trip. Click here to find out more.

Available to new Uber drivers. Valid till 24th January 2017.

Remember: Low $500 deposit, no ACRA, and bonus rental discounts of up to $300/mth


6-Month Lease – FREE RENTAL on your sixth month!

Need a vehicle for the long term?

Save even more when you sign a 6-month lease with us. On top of enjoying additional $25 off your rental rates weekly, you enjoy free rental capped at $500 weekly from weeks 23-26 (last month of your 6-month lease).

Available to new Uber drivers only. Valid till 24th January 2017.

relief driver

$200 Relief Driver Cashback


  • Earn $200 when you add a friend for free as a relief driver under your rental contract.*
  • $100 will be credited upon registration, and another $100 when your friend makes his/her first trip.
  • Earn up to $1,000 by adding 5 relief drivers!
    *Must be a new uber driver to earn $200 incentive

Registration is free; simply fill out the online relief driver form:

EXISTING LCR/UBER Driver Promotions

Save more by extending your contract!

Need a vehicle for the long term?

Extend your contract by 6 months to enjoy additional $25 off your weekly rental rates. We’ll top it up with a cashback of $300 on your third and sixth month too!


Switching to Lion City Rentals?

Get a rent-free week (capped at a maximum of $450) if nobody is referring you.

Convince a friend to rent from us to enjoy $250 each! Your bonus can be collected when your friend collects his/her vehicle from LCR.