Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-06T09:29:24+00:00

 Pre Sales

Is LCR Car Covered In Malaysia2019-10-31T15:38:44+00:00

Yes. LCR Car is covered in Malaysia (up to Batu Pahat only)

I have questions about my car/rental2019-08-13T11:39:10+00:00

You can call our hotline at 6252 5525 or email us at

You can also visit our outlets in person:

Carros Centre (60 Jalan Lam Huat, Level 4, Singapore 737869)

City Gate Mall (371 Beach Road, #02-55, Singapore 199597)



Do I need to register with any ride-sharing platform to rent from LCR2019-11-04T18:50:14+00:00

Should you wish to earn as you drive, you can register with the various ride-sharing platforms. We are an official Grab fleet partner and can assist you to onboard Grab either at LCR Carros or Citygate.

Can my LCR car be used to drive for any ride-sharing platform2019-11-04T18:48:46+00:00

Yes, you may drive LCR cars for any ride-sharing platform. We are an official Grab fleet partner and can assist you to onboard Grab either at LCR Carros or Citygate


Can I add a relief driver2019-08-13T11:39:38+00:00

Yes. You can add a relief driver here. It’s a great way to reduce the rental on your car.

When can I collect my car after placing a deposit2019-08-13T11:40:17+00:00

You may be able to collect your car on the same day when available or as early as the next working day if you placed a deposit before 5PM.

Where do I collect my car2019-08-13T11:40:24+00:00

When you are matched to your preferred car, you will be notified of where to go to collect it. You can check out our cars collection locations here.

What documents do I need to bring with me when I collect my car2019-11-04T18:51:57+00:00

You need to bring along the following documents:


Driver’s Licence

Official Proof of Residential Address (PUB, Phone Bill etc)

Approval to Drive / PDVL / TDVL

Balance of deposit + 1 week advance rental


I am dissatisfied with the condition of my car upon collection2019-08-13T11:40:44+00:00

If you are dissatisfied with the condition of your car upon collection, you should immediately notify our staff present to make improvements for you.

We aim to prepare the car as well as possible prior to your collection. If this was not done, please let us know and we will try to rectify the issues as quickly as possible on the spot or arrange for another pick-up date or car when necessary. 

Existing Hirers

My car camera is not working2019-08-13T11:41:21+00:00

Please come to our outlets and we will change your camera for you.

I have lost my car key2019-08-13T11:41:27+00:00

Call our hotline at 6252 5525. We will attempt to send our staff to your car to duplicate the key for you by the next working day. You will have to bear all costs associated with duplicating your car key.

My vehicle has broken down2019-08-13T11:41:33+00:00

Call our hotline at 6252 5525. Our assigned workshops, both in-house and external, with 24-hour towing services will handle this for you.

My tyre is punctured2019-08-13T11:41:39+00:00

Change to your spare tyre and have your original tyre patched up in a tyre shop. Have your original tyre back on your car as soon as possible; a spare tyre is only for interim and emergency use. Patching your spare tyre typically costs around $10-$15.

My car is under repair and I need a replacement car2019-08-13T11:41:46+00:00

We will try to provide you with a replacement car if you fulfil our criteria, e.g. your car has broken down by itself or you were involved in an accident and you were not at fault. In such cases, if a replacement car is not available and your car is in a workshop for longer than 3 days, you will be reimbursed of your rental fees accordingly.

What should I do if I get into an accident2019-08-13T11:43:47+00:00

Stay calm and check for injuries. If there are any serious injuries, call 999 (police) and 995 (ambulance) immediately.

If possible, move the cars to a safe place away from road traffic. Turn on your car’s hazard lights and use cones or warning triangles for safety.

Take down the particulars of the drivers and car plate numbers of all vehicles at the scene.

Take clear photos of the accident scene, surroundings and damages to the vehicles.

Contact LCR’s Accident Reporting Centre (ARC) at 6252 5525 to seek advice and request for a tow truck. 

Please report the accident within 24 hours or by the next working day.

My windscreen is cracked2019-08-13T11:43:53+00:00

Call our hotline at 6252 5525. A windscreen excess of $107, a decal excess of $20 and other servicing charges are payable for replacement of your windscreen.

My IU is not working2019-08-13T11:44:00+00:00

Try another cashcard. If it still doesn’t work, send your car to STA and they will advise if your IU is spoilt and requires replacement.

I have received an SMS to go for VICOM vehicle inspection, what should I do2019-08-13T11:44:35+00:00

An SMS from LCR/VICOM will be sent to you when your car is due for vehicle inspection. Typically, the SMS will inform you to send the vehicle to VICOM for inspection as soon as possible and to register at the Automated Payment Machine there.

To ensure a smooth process at VICOM, the general points below should be observed when going for the vehicle inspection. Failure to comply with the inspection will result in repossession of your vehicle and you will be liable for the necessary charges.

1) You may visit any of the VICOM centres for your inspection. No payment has to be made for the inspection as it will be paid for by LCR.
2) You can view the VICOM centres’ locations and operating hours on their website:
3) When you arrive at the VICOM centre, please inform the staff on duty that your vehicle is from LCR to avoid being mistaken as a normal walk-in customer and being charged with inspection fees.
4) You are encouraged to e-pay at the Automated Payment Machine in the VICOM centre. Please refer to the step-by-step guide enclosed here.
5) In cases where you have been asked to make an upfront payment, please request for a receipt and email a scanned copy of the receipt to for us to reimburse you. The reimbursement will be credited to your payment statement within the next 14 working days.

If I am banned by Grab and I want to return my car, will it be a breach of contract2019-11-04T18:52:44+00:00

We would recommend that you appeal with Grab here for a review of your ban. If you are still not allowed to be on the Grab platform, please email ( with a written confirmation from Grab and we will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

I was issued a fine from LTA, what should I do2019-08-13T11:44:51+00:00

Go to an AXS machine to make payment. Just key in your vehicle number and pay accordingly.

How do I pay my arrears2019-08-13T11:44:58+00:00

You can pay your arrears via online banking or at an AXS machine. You can follow the instructions here.

My car has been repossessed, what should I do2019-08-13T11:45:06+00:00

You will receive an email about the repossessed car. Head down to the collection site as stated in the email to either:

Make full payment and collect your car.


Return the car keys, discharge your contract and sign an instalment plan with LCR to clear your arrears.

I cannot pay my rental on time, are there penalties2019-08-13T11:45:12+00:00

A late payment fee of $60 may be incurred. Rental payments can be made through iBanking or AXS. Details here.

Can I keep driving my car instead of returning it when my contract period is over2019-08-13T11:45:35+00:00

Yes, you may continue driving your car instead of returning it when your contract period is over. However, you will no longer be eligible for the promotion that’s tied to your contract period. You will instead be paying the regular non-promotional rental price on a rolling contract.

Why not check out our contract extension promotions? Contact your Account Manager or call our hotline at 6252 5525.

How do I return my car2019-08-13T11:45:43+00:00

Complete and submit the vehicle return form here. Do note that you will need to serve a mandatory 7-day notice on top of your minimum rental period. Kindly check your expected return date or your return may be rejected.

Please email us at or call our hotline at 6252 5525 for assistance.

When will I receive my deposit after returning my car2019-08-13T11:45:51+00:00

You will receive your deposit refund within 7-14 working days of returning your car.

How do I extend my contract2019-08-13T11:45:58+00:00

You can extend your contract online here. You can enjoy great deals when you extend your contract with us! Find out more about these extension deals from our Account Managers or call our hotline at 6252 5525.

What is LCR Cares2019-08-16T21:41:26+00:00

LCR Cares is our hirer loyalty programme with various perks from special rental promotions to opt-in benefits in rental recovery and income recovery. It aims to take care of our drivers on the road. Read more about it here.

Who is eligible for LCR Cares2019-08-16T21:41:33+00:00

All new and existing LCR hirers who have signed up for a minimum of 3 months with us are eligible for this loyalty programme. Some perks may require you to opt in.

Will I still be eligible for LCR Cares if I extend my contract or exchange my vehicle2019-08-16T21:41:43+00:00

Yes, you are eligible for this as long as you are currently hiring an LCR car.

What is LCR Cares4U2019-08-16T21:41:51+00:00

LCR Cares4U is the part of our hirer loyalty programme where our hirers are offered various rental recovery benefits.

What does LCR Cares4U cover2019-08-16T21:41:59+00:00

LCR Cares4U covers medical days, hospitalisation, rental recovery days and claimable rental on compassionate grounds.

Who is eligible for LCR Cares4U2019-08-16T21:42:05+00:00

New and existing LCR hirers who have signed up for a minimum of 3 months and who have an active Grab account are eligible for this loyalty programme. You will need to opt in to join LCR Cares4U through here.

How can I opt in for LCR Cares4U2019-08-16T21:42:13+00:00

You may opt in here.

How do I apply for my rental recovery2019-08-16T21:42:21+00:00

You can submit your application through this form here.

Will I still be eligible for this if I extend my contract or exchange my vehicle2019-08-16T21:42:29+00:00

Yes, you are still eligible for this.

When will rental recovery be paid out2019-08-16T21:42:37+00:00

Processing will take about 1 week. If successful, rental recovery will be paid into the applicant’s Grab Credit Wallet within 1 week.