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Frequently Asked Questions2019-07-12T10:58:37+00:00

LCR Vehicle Questions

If I have questions about my vehicle/rental, what can I do?2019-04-01T11:51:16+00:00

You may call LCR phone support at 3138 1884, or find us at 60 Jalan Lam Huat, Level 4, Singapore 737869 or Textile Centre, 200 Jalan Sultan #03-33 Singapore 199018

I am currently on LCR installment plan, how do I make payment for the excess?2019-04-01T11:51:40+00:00

If your fares are insufficient to cover the instalment amount, you can continue to make payments at 60 Jalan Lam Huat, Level 4, Singapore 737869 or Textile Centre, 200 Jalan Sultan #03-33 Singapore 199018, or via online banking or at an AXS station.

If I am banned by Grab, and I want to return my car, will it be a breach of contract?2018-04-10T16:04:44+00:00

Your status with Grab is something between you and Grab. We would recommend that you appeal with Grab here for a review of your ban. If you are still not allowed to be on the Grab platform, please email ( with a written confirmation from Grab and we will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to register with any ride sharing platform in order to rent a vehicle from LCR?2018-09-27T15:44:54+00:00

No you don’t. LCR provide short term lease with a min. of 1 week to the public drivers too.

Should you wish to earn as you drive, you can register with TADA or any other ride sharing platform to maximize your earnings.

LCR Vehicle Questions Can my LCR vehicle be used to drive for other ride-hailing app?2018-09-25T16:01:32+00:00

Yes, you can drive your LCR vehicle using any other ride-hailing app.
Grab –

 Emergency Help

I lost my car keys2018-02-26T13:15:06+00:00

These are the steps you should take:

  1. Make a police report.
  2. Call for towing for your car to be sent to our designated lock change workshop. Tel 6748 9100
  3. Submit your police report to Lion City Rentals.
  4. LCR will have the locks replaced. The cost of replacement for locks, towing, and service charge will be charged to you. No downtime reimbursement will be given to you when the vehicle is in the workshop for changing the locks.
What if my vehicle breaks down?2018-02-26T13:16:15+00:00

We have assigned workshops with 24-hour towing services that will take care of your needs.

My tyre is punctured, what do I do?2018-02-26T13:17:09+00:00

Change to your spare tyres, and have the original tyres patched up in a tyre shop. Have your original wheels back on your car as soon as possible; a spare tyre is only for interim and emergency use. Patching your spare tyre costs around $10-$15.

What if I need a replacement car when my car is under repair?2018-02-26T13:17:47+00:00

We will provide you with a replacement car whenever available. Otherwise, we will ensure you are reimbursed accordingly.

I got into an accident; what should I do?2019-02-07T11:53:00+00:00
  1. Stay calm and check for injuries; If there are any serious injuries, call 999/994 immediately.
  2. If possible, move cars to a safe place, out of traffic. Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and use cones or warning triangles for safety.
  3. Take down particulars of the drivers and car plate numbers of all vehicles at the scene.
  4. Take clear photos of the accident scene, surroundings and damages to the vehicles.
  5. Contact LCR’s Accident Reporting Centre (ARC) to seek advice or request for a tow-truck at 3138 1884. Please report the accident within 24 hours or by the next working day
My windscreen is cracked! What do I do?2018-02-26T13:25:50+00:00

Make a report at your assigned workshop.

A windscreen excess of $107 is payable for replacement of your windscreen.

What if my car gets repossessed?2019-01-09T13:10:33+00:00

You will receive an email regarding the repossessed vehicle. Head down to the collection site as listed in the email to either:

  • Make full payments and collect your vehicle back
  • Return the vehicle keys and discharge your contract and sign a installment plan with LCR to clear your arrears
My IU is not working!2017-06-29T11:36:55+00:00

Try another cashcard. If it still doesn’t work, send your vehicle to STA and they will advise if it is spoilt and requires replacement

 Admin Matters

What if I don’t complete enough trips to cover rental costs?2018-04-12T12:54:59+00:00

You can pay through iBanking or at an AXS station. Details here.

Payments must be made no later than Wednesday; otherwise, a late payment fee of $60 will be incurred.


What is the deposit amount?2018-08-23T18:36:45+00:00

LCR’s deposit is $500 for all makes and models of cars

What payment methods do you accept for deposit?2019-04-01T11:52:11+00:00

For payment at 60 Jalan Lam Huat, Level 4, Singapore 737869 or Textile Centre (200 Jalan Sultan #03-33 Singapore 199018) we accept cash and NETS payment. For online deposits, you may use your debit/credit card. 

Must I pay the full deposit before collecting my car?2018-09-12T12:40:04+00:00

When you want to place your deposit you can pay an initial reservation fee of $100 and pay the remaining $400 upon car collection.

What promotions are there?2018-04-12T12:55:46+00:00

You can find all of LCR’s promotions here 

What is the insurance excess amount?2018-03-01T14:16:38+00:00

The insurance excess is $2,200 for Vehicle Damage Fee and $2,140 for third party claims. Find more information here

Can I add a relief driver?2018-03-01T14:15:45+00:00

Yes. You can add a relief driver here. It’s a great way to reduce the rental on your car.


When can I collect my car after placing a deposit?2018-04-12T14:17:34+00:00

You may be able to collect your car as early as the next working day if your placed a deposit before 5PM.

Where do I collect my car?2018-03-01T17:38:33+00:00

Lion City Rentals has various car collection sites. When you are matched to your preferred vehicle, you will be notified which location to collect your car at. You can check out what car collections sites we have here.

Do I need to bring anything when I collect my car?2018-03-01T17:41:13+00:00

You need to bring the following documents:

  • NRIC
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Official Proof of Residential Address (PUB, Phone Bill etc)
  • Approval to Drive / PDVL / TDVL
What if my car isn’t in a good condition when I collect it?2018-03-01T17:42:20+00:00

If you are dissatisfied with the condition of your vehicle upon car collection you definitely do not have to accept it!

You may choose to reject the vehicle and LCR staff will do their utmost best to provide you with another vehicle of the same model and type. Should there not be any vehicles available, you will be rescheduled to collect the vehicle on another day.

How do I extend my contract?2018-04-12T12:57:31+00:00

You can extend your contract online here. You’ll even enjoy great rental rebates for extending your contract with us!


How do I pay my arrears?2018-03-01T17:50:19+00:00

You can pay your arrears via online banking or at an AXS machine. You can follow the instructions here.

When will I be charged for my rental?2018-04-05T17:59:43+00:00

Rental will be charged on a weekly basis, at 4am every Monday.


Can I keep driving my car instead of returning it when my contract period is over?2018-03-01T17:57:22+00:00

Yes, you may keep driving your car instead of returning it when your contract period is over. However, you will no longer be eligible for the promotion that’s tied to your contract period. You will instead be paying the regular non-promotional rental price on a rolling contract. We would advise you to check out the contract extension promotions here to enjoy further promotions.

How do I return my car?2018-03-01T18:04:49+00:00

Complete and submit the vehicle return form here.

Do note that you will need to serve a mandatory 7-day notice on top of your minimum rental period. Kindly check your expected return date or your return may be rejected.

When will I receive my deposit after returning my car?2018-03-01T18:02:04+00:00

You will receive your deposit refund within 7-14 working days of returning your car.


I was issued a fine from LTA. What do I do?2018-03-01T17:54:02+00:00

Go to an AXS machine to make payment. Just key in your vehicle number and pay accordingly.