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What if I need a replacement car when my car is being repaired?

We will provide you with a replacement car whenever available. Otherwise, we will ensure you are reimbursed accordingly.

I lost my car keys.

These are the steps you should take:
1.Make a police report.
2.Call for towing for your car to be sent to our designated lock change workshop. Tel 6748 9100
3.Submit your police report to Lion City Rentals.
4.LCR will have the locks replaced. The cost of replacement for locks, towing, and service charge will be charged to you. No downtime reimbursement will be given to you when the vehicle is in the workshop for changing the locks.

My IU is not working!

Try another cashcard. If it still doesn’t work, send your vehicle to STA and they will advise if it is spoilt and requires replacement

A stone flew into my windscreen and now it’s cracked!

Make a report at your assigned workshop.

A windscreen excess of $107 is payable for replacement of your windscreen.

My tyre is punctured, what do I do?

Change to your spare tyres, and have the original tyres patched up in a tyre shop. Have your original wheels back on your car as soon as possible; a spare tyre is only for interim and emergency use. Patching your spare tyre costs around $10-$15.

I got into an accident; what should I do?

Take down details of other parties involved in the accident, such as name, license plate number and contact number. If there is injury involved, a police report must be made. An accident report must also be made at your assigned authorised workshop within 24 hours.

If your vehicle is drivable, drive it with you to the workshop. If it is not, call the assigned towing hotline to have it sent to the assigned workshop.

What if my vehicle breaks down?

We have assigned workshops with 24-hour towing services that will take care of your needs.

Can I have a relief driver for my car?

Yes, as many as you want, for no additional costs. Kindly inform us and Uber of your relief drivers so that all of you will have proper insurance coverage!

When do driver-partners make the most money on Uber?

Our Lion City Rentals’ hirers come from all walks of life. Some have a full-time job, while others drive to earn a living. Regardless of their individual commitments, most our hirers drive actively during peak hours. Peak hours = high demand = high earnings!

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What if I don’t complete enough trips to cover rental costs?

You can pay through iBanking or at an AXS station. Details here.

Payments must be made no later than Wednesday; otherwise, a late payment fee of $60 will be incurred.

How do I pay for my rental costs?

Paying is easy – we’ve made sure of that so you can focus on driving. That’s why your rent’s simply deducted at the end of the week from your Uber earnings.

Do I need to register a business profile with ACRA to rent with LCR?

There is no need to register a business profile when you rent with us.

How do I become an Uber driver?

Head over to for more details.