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When will rental recovery be paid out?

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Processing will take approximately 14 working days. If successful, payment will be used directly to offset the weekly rental payment. Please remember to submit within 7 days of your medical/hospitalisation/compassionate leave claim. If you do not receive any favourable outcome after 14 working days, please email or call our hotline at 6252 5525 for assistance.

Can I drive whilst I am on medical/hospitalisation/compassionate leave?

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Yes, you may use the car for personal or contingency purpose(s) up to 50km per day. For your own safety and to avoid your claim(s) being rejected, the vehicle should not be utilised whatsoever for any commercial, ride-hailing purposes or Malaysia usage. Do note there will be no benefit payout if any of your relief/sharecar driver(s) utilise the vehicle for commercial, ride-hailing purpose or Malaysia usage whilst you are unfit to drive. For more details, please refer to LCR Care here.



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